◦Sound-effects: -They are good and on point. Maybe there are some mistakes that I didn't notice...
◦Music: -It's good, not catchy tho expecially the ending one.
◦Opening/Ending: -The opening is good-ish (not the best but not boring), the ending on the other hand, it's just boring.
◦Backgrounds: -Looking really good, not that much to complain about. The blood, corpses, lightning etc. looks pretty good.
◦Animation: -It's not good but its not that bad. There are some parts where it looks good tho:)
◦Characters: -Design. The style is not to my liking at all. Didn't like the difference between the characters and the background styles, sometimes it looked good! When the murders and killing was happening. (the side view of the characters is killing me)..
-Personality. Really annoying and stupid. Pretty plain too, each character had a story and all but it felt kinda boring and it's hard to attach to them.
-Voice-acting. It's good, not the best tho. The screams are really good tho, loving them.
◦Story: - It's good, a little bit too rushed, they could have made more episodes (idk the budget and all the details sorry). There's another OVA that I haven't watched yet, maybe it has more answers...(edit: the OVA was boring and didn't answer anything).
◦Final thoughts: -Pretty good, not my favorite obviously, but it wasn't the worst :) I got angry at how stupid and irrational the characters are tho. The final episode has more answers, and it was good.
◦The best episode: -It has to be the last one, in my opinion it's a decent "good" ending.

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